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What is Bi2Rent?

Bi2Rent is an international platform dedicated to the ONLINE RENTAL OF MID-TERM TEMPORARY ACCOMMODATIONS -from 1 month to 1 year of duration- in which any type of property can be offered and found, whatever it is and wherever it is. All this with an instant, easy, 100% online and totally secure reservation system for both parties, because the guest pays the total in advance and the owner does not receive the amount of the stay until the guest arrives at the property and checks that everything is correct. A perfect solution to connect owners and tenants from all over the world, because our international community offers endless opportunities. Available on Web and Apps for iOS & Android.

Why Mid-Term Rentals?

The MID-TERM RENTAL has many advantages, since it is SUITABLE FOR ALL TYPES OF PROPERTIES, without exception, and is not affected by the rigid restrictions of Tourist Rental or Long-Term Rental of habitual residence. It is the perfect alternative for the owners who want to make their properties profitable without the need for licenses or special requirements and without losing control over availability. Likewise, it is ideal for the guests who, even having their own habitual residence, need accommodation for a certain period of time, such as students, teleworkers, digital nomads, those who are renovating or building their house or, simply, for those who are looking for new life experiences.

How it works?


SIGN UP or LOG IN: Become a Bi2Renter!

Registering with Bi2Rent is completely free. It is necessary to be able to save favorites and list or book a property. You can do it by entering your personal information or connecting through your Google or Facebook account.


OWNER: Create your listing and publish it

Fill in our form to list your property... describe it, upload your best photos, set your conditions, prices, availability, manage your reservations and receive the total cost of each stay at the beginning of it, without risks.


GUEST: Choose, book and enjoy your stay

Choose the place, the dates, formalize the reservation and the payment. The owner will not receive the money until you arrive and check that everything is correct and, when you leave, you will be able to evaluate the property.

Our Advantages

Bi2Rent only offers mid-term rentals of more than 1 month and less than 1 year, with 100% online and 100% secure booking.

Its differences and advantages over the other types of rentals are many and particularly important, both for owners and for guests:

  • All properties are suitable because on mid-term rental there are no territorial restrictions and no administrative licenses, special permissions or fees are required.
  • Guests will find perfect homes for their temporary needs anywhere in the world, even where tourist rentals are not allowed.
  • The owner makes the property profitable by choosing the availability, the prices, being able to alternate the own use and always maintaining direct and immediate control over the rental conditions.
  • As there is a lower frequency of exchange of guests compared to the holiday rental, the cleaning costs and the wear and tear of the house are lower and it is easier to guarantee optimal hygienic conditions.
  • Owners will earn higher income than with a long-term rental, without risk of non-payment -since it is paid in advance- and with greater control of the house.
  • Guests will get proportionally lower prices than a holiday rental, even if they use fewer days than they rent, and high real estate fees will be saved.

What we offer?

A Perfect Solution

We offer exclusively medium-term stays, from 1 to 12 months (30 to 365 nights). A solution suitable for all types of properties, wherever they are and without restrictions. The perfect alternative to vacation rentals and long-term rentals.

Comfort and Simplicity

Automatic search and geographical location of mid-term accommodations; Intuitive, safe and fully online booking technology, with an instant messaging system between owners and guests. Everything in your hand.

Security and Control

User verification system, secure payment in advance through Stripe, full and instant control of booking conditions, cancelation policies, guest and property evaluations, dispute resolution and 24/7 personalized support.


Here you can make your property profitable without the need for a special license or requirements, no matter how and where the house is. Choose when and how much ... Only you set the limits.

Publish your property and start generating reservations.

Specialized in offering temporary homes where the guest can feel at home anywhere in the world, including places where vacation rentals are not allowed.

Find your ideal home, choose dates and book online.


In Bi2Rent you can rent all types of properties, without exception, anywhere in the world. It is recommended that are furnished and equipped with the necessary appliances to make the property more attractive and facilitate the guests' stay.

When a reservation request is made, we retain the rental cost, our service fee and the guarantee deposit through Stripe's secure payment gateway and the owner receives the money approx. 24 hours after the check-in time -once the guest has verified that the property meets the listing features-, via PayPal or another selected payment method. The deposit to cover damages must be refunded by the owner, totally or partially -as appropriate-, within a maximum period of 1 week after departure. If the reservation is canceled before the stay begins, the Bi2Rent service fee and the deposit will always be refunded but the cost of the accommodation will be refunded based on the cancellation policy selected by the owner. Registering with Bi2Rent or downloading our application is completely free. We only apply a fixed rate of 5% per reservation to each user, one of the lowest on the market.

The selection in the calendar is made by nights (minimum 30) so that there is no obligation to rent for full months and the guest can book a stay of, for example, 38 or 47 days, without having to book 2 months. That is why the price is shown by months and nights. The Base Price is the one that is applied by default, except when other special prices are established in the calendar for specific days or periods.

Guarantee Deposit is an amount that the owner establish to cover the damages that the guests may cause in the home and that will be refunded by the Owner, totally or partially -as appropriate- by the method of payment designated by the guest during the week following the end of the stay and once the owner has checked that there has been no property damage, or, if there has been, having made a specific and verifiable evaluation and quantification of them. It will always be fully and automatically refunded if the guest or owner cancels before the stay begins. After the beginning of a stay, Bi2Rent cannot retain the deposits (bonds) since in certain cities the owners have the legal obligation to consign them in an official Administration. Therefore, once the deposit has been paid to the owner, he is responsible for returning it to the tenant.

In principle, and unless your local regulation requires it, you do not need any special license or prerequisite for mid-term rental, since rentals of duration greater than 1 month are not subject to the same restrictions as vacation rentals and Bi2Rent is NOT a channel of tourist rental offer. The only condition is that the guest has his own habitual residence and that the rented property will be his accommodation for a specified period of time and for a specific reason.

The owners can decide the availability in their calendar, check reviews, set the house rules, the cancellation policies, choose special prices for certain dates and set a guarantee deposit (bond).

With Bi2Rent the owner chooses the minimum and maximum duration that the stays can have and establishes the available periods in the calendar, however the stays can never be less than 1 month (30 nights) or more than 1 year (365 nights). Our platform only offers mid-term rentals because, in many places, rentals of less than a month are considered vacation rentals, subject to strict tourist regulations and rigid restrictions and requirements -that DO NOT affect mid-term rentals-, and stays of more than 1 year are considered habitual residence.

If the guest cancels a reservation, s/he will receive the corresponding refund in accordance with the conditions and circumstances established in the cancellation policy selected by owner: -FLEXIBLE: Full refund if the guest cancels until the day before check in. Otherwise, the first week is non-refundable. -MODERATE: Full refund cancelling until 2 weeks before check in or within the following 2 days after booking confirmation. Otherwise, only 50% will be refunded. -STRICT: Full refund cancelling until 1 month before check in or within the following day after booking confirmation. Otherwise, no refund. If the owner cancels or rejects a reservation, the amount paid by the guest will be fully and automatically reimbursed. Dates canceled by the owner after confirming a reservation, either explicitly or implicitly (with instant booking), will be automatically and irreversibly blocked on the property calendar and this cancellation may negatively affect the position of the property in the search results. There is no possibility of canceling a stay once it has started.