We are a team of Mallorcan lawyers with more than 15 years of professional experience in the real estate sector. We are perfectly aware of the problems, concerns, needs and doubts that owners and tenants face on a daily basis.

Likewise, our long personal experience as hosts and guests of vacation rental platforms has allowed us to fully understand and admire the online booking system that has changed tourism habits around the world... greatly facilitating transactions, agile, simple, without non-payment risk and always keeping control over the availability of the properties and the booking conditions.

This is how we decided to transfer the reservation tool from tourist rental to mid-term rental... a type of rental that, due to its duration -between 1 and 12 months- escapes the prohibitions that affect short-term rentals (tourist) and also the limitations or loss of control inherent to long-term rentals (habitual residence).

The times we live in, the digitization of work, the rise of the sharing economy and the current needs of society have only given even more sense to the project that has become the center of our professional activity and the most important business adventure of our life.

Welcome to Freelyfy!