The Temporary Rental is different from the usual Housing Rental (long term), and the Vacation or Tourist Rental (short term)...

Its advantages over the other types of rental are many and very important, both for the homeowners and for the renters:

All the properties are suitable. It doesn´t require an administrative license, payment of taxes, special requirements and nor are there any territorial restrictions.

The property is made profitable by choosing availability, prices and being able to alternate own use, without ever losing control.

Cleaning costs are lower compared to short-term rentals, as there is less frequent exchange of guests.

The Owners will earn higher incomes than with a long-term usual home rental.

Renters will find proportionately lower prices than in a short-term rental, even using fewer days than they rent.

It allows renters to access temporary housing all over the world, even in places where vacation rentals are not allowed.